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Book cover re-design for fun!

I am an avid reader and have been one since I was a wee girl. Yes, I do often judge a book by its cover, I'm ashamed to admit, especially when I'm choosing something new to read.

I decided to re-design a book cover for fun. My husband studied film at Concordia years ago and we are both avid film buffs, so we have more than a few film theory books on our shelves. I chose this one because it was a good opportunity to channel some mid-century design.

Original book cover of Hitchcock: The Murderous Gaze

The book I chose was Hitchcock: The Murderous Gaze, published by Harvard University Press. Unusually, this book had a cover that wasn't only type on a solid background, which is typical of university presses at that time. I don't mean this exercise to be a critique of the original cover. I actually could not find the name of the cover designer, sadly. Thus is the invisible, behind-the-scenes life of most graphic designers. :-)

Some of Hitchcock's films had amazing title designs by the inimitable Saul Bass (do yourself a favour and look him up…he was truly a trailblazing film title designer). I used his work as a jumping off point for my inspiration and kept a retro look with the typeface: Balboa Plus.

Re-design of Hitchcock the Murderous Gaze Book Cover
My version of the book cover

Maybe I'll get around to doing more of these. The original cover is pictured and copyrighted by Harvard University Press.

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